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Mujeres de todos los países comenzaron a subir fotos de sus cuerpos "sin filtro" bajo el hashtag #CelluliteSaturday. "-¿cuántas personas realmente se preocupan por esto?"

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viernes 9 de diciembre, 2016

Bajo el hashtag #CelluliteSaturday en la redes sociales, mujeres comenzaron a subir fotos de sus cuerpos "sin filtro" y mostrándose con sus imperfecciones.

El movimiento surgió en Canadá de la mano de la actriz y escritora Kenzie Brenna, de 26 años.  "Me pregunté cuántas personas realmente se preocupan por esto. Usé el hashtag #cellulitesaturday y me dije: '¿esto podría ser algo?' La respuesta fue tan abrumadoramente buena que ahora digo: 'Sí, es algo'", contó al medio Today.

There are two things I want to say today for #cellulitesaturday. 1. I believe in science. Science says cellulite ISNT an indication of health. It affects 90% of women. (The term "affects" bothers me because it's fucking NORMAL.) It is the APPEARANCE of fat cells. So if you have body fat % (like hi beautiful bikini competitors who comment on my photo who have really low body fat and raise their hand saying they still have it love u ?) YOURE STATISTICALLY PROLLY I MEAN MAYBE I MEAN THERES A GOOD OLE "FAT" CHANCE YA GONNA HAS IT. (See what I did there? ??) #ScienceOverBeautyCulture and I said this on twitter but cellulite creams ARE LIKE SKINNY TEAS. Give em the big middle finger cause we don't play w shit like that. And number 2. I bought these shorts in the summer time and you know what? After months of not tracking/ sorta failing intuitive eating/but having great successes with it as well they still fit. I dunno. It's weird but whatever, got me excited for cottage szn all over again ? I still wear stockings underneath them because I'm way too nervous to show this shit off mid summer but body love takes time. It takes baby steps. When I've hated myself for so long, success at self acceptance goes up and down. But hey that's life and I'm freakin okay with that. This summer I conquered wearing a crop top so, it's all a win. AND LASTLY. 60k?! Are you fucking kidding me???? I. LOVE. YOU. My day, my week my life is made. Thank you!!! #selflovejourney #loveyouguys

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HAPPY #cellulitesaturday MY DARLING DEAR ONES ???? I have cellulite and so does 90% of the female population. I am no less beautiful with it, no more valuable without it. My body is not wrong, it is not a problem to be fixed. My body is soft, like cotton. It is curvy, like a violin. It shows me where I have been and all the things I am because of where I come from. I have learned to listen to it and revere it and allow it to speak to me in a language that's just for me — a body love that's taken years to learn — but one that now flows from my mouth like a native tongue because it was inside of me all along. I celebrate #cellulitesaturday because NOT celebrating my body isn't part of my vocabulary anymore ??? #embracethesquish

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